DJ Tip of the month – play to your audience

DJ Tip of the month – play to your audience

Whether you DJ in a club, school disco, anniversary, wedding or 60th birthday party it is vital that you play to your audience. It is difficult to judge what type of music they might like so it’s always best to ask prior your gig to ensure you make your customer happy.

Here are a few examples: – If it is a wedding or party, do they want specific songs for a special occasion? For example, at a birthday or engagement party, you could play “congratulations or celebrations by Cliff Richard”.

Depending on where you might be playing its always best to ask your client if they are okay with music with swear words or has offensive lyrics. E.g. You might be at an event with children and play a song with multiple swear words in them which could lead to your client not being very pleased which is exactly what you don’t want.

Another way you can play to your audience is by judging crowd reactions on the night. A good DJ will never have a dance floor empty. You can judge what type of music you should play by watching what your audience does. We’ve all heard a song and exclaimed what a great tune it is. This is exactly the same when you are a DJ. If you play songs and your audience has a positive reaction to it by shouting or dancing, then you are playing the right type of songs. On the contrary, if you play a song and you hear collective groans or the dance floor empties then you know you’re playing the wrong kind of music. Don’t worry if this happens, this has happened to every DJ. You can test your crowd by mixing a song and seeing what the reaction is. If the reaction is negative, don’t continue with your mix. Find another song to mix into.

The key is to keep the dance floor busy. If a certain genre of music is working then stick with it. Even if you don’t like it you must play what the audience wants. You are being paid by your client to entertain the audience, not yourself. You can play whatever you like in your own time or at your own party.

That is our DJ tip of the month. Come back next month for more advice.

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