About Us

About Us

Tons of Sound has proudly worked with numerous community organizations since 2010, providing a variety of tailored DJ workshops both locally and nationally.

Whether you’re looking for a new activity or entertainment at a community event (open days, summer festivals, family pool parties, or a youth club), we tailor our workshops to your needs. Here at Tons of Sounds, we fundamentally believe music has the capability to empower the youth of today; and thus we endeavor to deliver a combination of education and fun together. Our workshops are suitable for all ages, with a particular emphasis on creativity and communication skills.

Tons of Sound not only gives students a great insight into the music industry, but allows each person to feel what its like behind the decks and being in control of the music/environment by giving them a real understanding into what it takes to be a successful DJ.

“Whether you’re studying or working, young or old, travelling or settling in a place, playing a sport or an instrument, you should never stop learning. It is in knowledge where truth wealth really lies and this journey of learning never stops!”

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Our Mission

  • Keep young people off the street in a fun and educational environment
  • Provide opportunities for individuals and groups regardless of their background or experience.
  • Providing broader learning, support and development programs to young people, communities and the individuals and groups that support young people.
  • To tackle social exclusion or relevant groups and communities
  • Inspire young people to realize their potential, to contribute positively to the communities in which they live and to discover meaning and


Our workshops are conducted using CDJs, Mixer, Laptop, P.A System and other Digital DJ Equipment by our team of professional tutors.

Why Choose us?

  • A unique experience
  • Bring young people off the streets
  • Interactive and engaging sessions
  • Builds confidence and communication skills
  • Variety of packages available to meet every budget
  • We come to your venue
  • Tailor a package to your needs
  • Professional equipment
  • Experienced and Professional Facilitators
  • Huge Music Selection
  • Inspiring, Empowering, Informative
  • Fun for everyone!

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